The Conscious Sensitive Lady

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Celebrate your Inner Beauty 

Three months to radiance

Are you ...

  • Feeling exhausted and stressed all the time?
  • In ‘get through’ mode just to survive the day?
  • Digging in – Working harder – Pushing more, but getting less and less done?
  • Trying not to burst into tears in meetings?
  • Wondering if long-term sick leave is the answer?
  • So overwhelmed you end up hiding in the toilet?
  • Living like that hamster on the wheel?
  • Feeling hopeless about things changing?
If you are sitting there whispering, “This is me!” you have arrived at the right place.

To be a Highly Sensitive Person ... is being ...

  • too emotional ~ too shy 
  • too intense ~ too serious ~ too moody 
  • too artsy ~ too idealistic ~ too neurotic
  • you think too much ~ you worry too much 
  • you take things too personally 
  • you analyse too much 
  • you are too overwhelming


Are you told you are 'Just Too Sensitive?'

(Read more on HSP - click here)

The Challenges

As an HSP there are definitely times when the world feels challenging or exhausting.  Your exquisite awareness and intensity means you often experience a level of intense stimulation and over-arousal that others do not.

This can leave you uncomfortable, jangled, anxious, over-stimulated, sad, overwhelmed, or even suffering from burnout.

Being Highly Sensitive means you may experience heightened sensitivity to noise, lights, scents, crowds, movement, pain, illness, medications, foods, time pressures, bad news and media violence.

You are deeply in touch with your feelings, thoughts, and inner experiences, as well as having a vast range of emotional expression. Such emotional awareness and sensitivity leads to a great appreciation of life, however, it can also mean life can be disheartening and disappointing.

Be all that YOU can BE

Say ‘Goodbye’ to being exhausted, depleted, constantly stressed, totally over-extended, hopeless, helpless, and trapped!

  • Who am I? 
  • What do I want? 
  • Where am I going? 
  • What do I value?
  • What do I believe in? 
  • What is my ‘life work’?

Wish it ... Dream it ... Do it ... 

Imagine spending 3 months working side-by side with me.

I will coach, counsel and mentor you personally on how to be
strong ~ powerful ~ bold ~ creative ~ talented ~ intuitive ~ compassionate ~ soulful ~ intelligent

On how to feel beautiful ~ confident ~ relaxed

Three months of weekly coaching sessions will get you out of the chaos and headed in the ‘right’ direction.  I will stick by you all the way while you regain your energy, health, time, enthusiasm and your dreams.

It’s all about YOUR life, YOUR concerns, YOUR goals for YOUR future.

Three months to Radiance

You deserve the best.  This is your opportunity to have 1:1 personal coaching with me.

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